Author: Hanushek, Eric, & Woessmann, Ludger

Title: Does Educational Tracking Affect Performance and Inequality? Differences-in-Differences Evidence Across Countries

University Affiliation: Standord University


Research Question: Estimate the tracking effects in the differences in outcomes between primary and secondary school across tracked and non-tracked systems in the world.

Published: Yes

Journal Name or Institutional Affiliation: The Economic Journal

Journal Entry: Vol. 116, pp. 63-76

Year: 2006


Scholarship Type Journal Article Empirical Research

Keywords: Ability Groups, Inequality, Tracking

Regions International

Methodologies: Quantitative

Research Designs: Secondary Survey Data

Method of Analysis: Difference in Difference Regression

Sampling Frame: 26 different countries

Sample Types: Nonrandom

Unit of Analysis: Country

Data Types: Quantitative-Longitudinal

Data Description:


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