Author: Covay, Elizabeth

Title: Composition Matters: The Relationship Between Race and School Composition in Explaining the Black-White Gap

University Affiliation: University of Notre Dame


Research Question: Uses the institutional perspective to explore Black-White differences in high school course taking.

Published: No

Journal Name or Institutional Affiliation: N/A

Journal Entry: Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association Annual Meeting

Year: 2008


Scholarship Type Unpublished Research

Keywords: Academic Achievement, Achievement Gap, Context, Math, Racial Composition, SES

Regions National

Methodologies: Quantitative

Research Designs: Secondary Survey Data

Method of Analysis: Logistic Regression

Sampling Frame: 10th graders in 2002 and 12th graders in 2004

Sample Types: Random

Unit of Analysis: School, Student

Data Types: Quantitative-Longitudinal

Data Description:


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