Author: Goldsmith, Pat Rubio

Title: Learning Apart, Living Apart: The Lasting Impact of Perpetual Segregation

University Affiliation: University of Wisconsin-Parkside


Research Question: Extent to which neighborhoods' % White is replicated across generations & the extent to which HS' & colleges' percent White mediates this relationship.

Published: Yes

Journal Name or Institutional Affiliation: Teacher College Record

Journal Entry: Vol. 112, No. 6, pp. 1602-1630

Year: 2010


Scholarship Type Journal Article Empirical Research

Keywords: College, Neighborhood, Residential Segregation, SES Composition, Segregation

Regions National

Methodologies: Quantitative

Research Designs: Secondary Survey Data

Method of Analysis: Regression

Sampling Frame: High school students

Sample Types: Random

Unit of Analysis: Neighborhood, School

Data Types: Quantitative-Longitudinal

Data Description:


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