Author: Roberts, Amy, & Lakes, Richard D.

Title: Middle-Class Mothers on Urban School Selection in Gentrifying Areas

University Affiliation: Georgia State University


Research Question: 1.) What schooling options do mothers in gentrifying areas consider in the school-selection process? 2.) What forms of communication do they utilize to exchange information regarding school options?

Published: Yes

Journal Name or Institutional Affiliation: Education and Urban Society

Journal Entry: Vol. 48 No. 3 pp. 203-220

Year: 2016


Scholarship Type Journal Article Empirical Research

Keywords: Choice, Cultural Capital, Diversity, Parents, Social Capital, Social Mobility

Regions South

Methodologies: Qualitative

Research Designs: Interviews

Method of Analysis: Content Analysis

Sampling Frame: Residents of Kirkwood or Grant Park neighborhoods

Sample Types: Nonrandom

Unit of Analysis: Neighborhood, Parent

Data Types: Qualitative-Cross Sectional

Data Description:


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