Author: Sekaquaptewa, Denise, Espinoza, Penelope, Thompson, Mischa, Vargas, Patrick, & Von Hippel, William

Title: Stereotypic Explanatory Bias: Implicit Stereotyping as a Predictor of Discrimination

University Affiliation: University of Michigan


Research Question: Whether a measure of implicit stereotyping is predictive of behavior towards a partner in an interracial interaction.

Published: Yes

Journal Name or Institutional Affiliation: Journal of Experimental Psychology

Journal Entry: Vol. 39, No. 1, pp. 75-82

Year: 2003


Scholarship Type Journal Article Empirical Research

Keywords: Attitudes, Cross Race Friendships, Prejudice, Stereotype

Regions N/A

Methodologies: Quantitative

Research Designs: Quasi-Experiment

Method of Analysis: Regression

Sampling Frame: Local

Sample Types: Nonrandom

Unit of Analysis: Student

Data Types: Quantitative-Cross Sectional

Data Description:


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